3 Important Roles Igbo Youths Have To Play In Fight Against Unknown Gunmen Attack In The Southeast

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For our country to be great again, we all have to play certain roles. The Igbo youths have some important roles to play in fighting against unknown gunmen in the southeast of Nigeria.

Nigeria is our country, and we should all contribute to making her great again. And we all have to contribute in several ways so that we can feel comfortable in our country. There are several roles which all Igbo youths should play to make sure the attack of unknown gunmen in the southeast of Nigeria is reduced.

1. Stop supporting gunmen: We have heard several cases of Nigerians in the southeast supporting gunmen. Some people do cheer up gunmen in broad daylight while they are passing by or while they are attacking. We shouldn't in any way support the actions of gunmen, because they are the ones that are taking the lives of our brothers. So why would you praise and support their activities?

2. Support the Nigerian army: The Nigerian army is trying its best to make sure they wipe out gunmen from Nigeria. But some Igbo youths have hated the army in the process whereby they don't support anything the Nigerian army does anymore. But it shouldn't be like that, they are there to make sure you are safe in your country, and you have no choice but to support them to fight against gunmen, or else you'll keep on living in fear in your own country.

3. Expose them: You don't have to hide the activities of gunmen, if you know anything about the activities of gunmen and you don't expose them, it may affect you. Since the gunmen now kill traditional rulers, if you don't take care, they might suddenly start a mass killing in your area.

We all must find a way to deal with gunmen in our country. The country is ours, if it goes down, it will also affect us. We all have different roles to play to make sure gunmen's activities are a thing of the past. Like, share, and follow me up.

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