Laugh A Little. Here Are Some Funny Pictures And Jokes To Make Your Day Extra Great


Laugh A Little. Here Are Some Funny Pictures And Jokes To Make Your Day Extra Great

What do you do when you’re down and need to be cheered up. You watch a movie or try to have some fun. Yeah movies are okay most of the time but sometimes you just an overdose of good laughter to make you feel better. It is a very known fact that laughing makes everyone feel good.

Laughter doesn’t just makes you feel good. There are lots of health benefits you get from laughing all the time. Let’s take a look 

  1. Laughing daily burns the unwanted calories in your body.
  2. It enhances your intake of Oxygen which makes you function better.
  3. Laughter actually helps you to live longer.
  4. It relaxes your whole body and mind.
  5. Laughter protects your heart.
  6. It gives you brighter skin, clearer eyes and healthier hair. 
  7. Laughing everyday lowers blood pressure. 

And so many more…

We know the health benefits of laughter but the most important thing in terms of socialization is that it improves relationships. Laughter makes the relationship between two people better.

Now that were done with the benefits of laughing, let’s take a look at those joke and pictures to make your day better....

A) Very soon,thieves will start snatching wigs from women's heads..The price tags on some of these wigs fit buy 1000 cement to build a house.

B) I just don't understand some ladies, wait for me infront of KFC and you're already inside reading menu. You'll read and stay there till you understand simple English.

3) Now I understand why God refuse to let snow fall here. Ordinary small are already shouting weather for two.

C) Swimming with your crush is a problem, today i almost died in water trying to impress her.

D) Go through her chats bro,She is denying you. She keeps telling the rich guys that she's single.

E) This guy hasn't called me for 2 years now, so I decided to call him today and the next thing he said was l was about calling you now.

F) Some girls will be saying he is my world, but this is your fourth world in 2 months...

My sister are you building a solar system?

G) Behind every successful man there is a lady, so if you want more success, then increase the number of girls you are dating in 2021.

It's a free advice in a free

Have a great day