True Story: My Husband Doesn't Know I Share Him With My Twin Sister


This is a true story about twins who decided to share everything including one man, Edmund who doesn't know how to differentiate them.

'I and May have been best friend since we were in the womb, we are identical twins and we grew up sharing everything.

During our early years in primary school we would trick the teacher's when one of us did something wrong then the other one was punished and for us it was always just fun.

We even dated one guy in high school without him knowing, since he thought he was always with me at times it was my sister May.

After highschool May was called to study in a different university while I stayed with my parents this is where I met Edmund and I really liked him and within no time we were preparing go our marriage.

I had already told Edmund about my twin sister and how much I had missed her but she couldn't be here until the day before our wedding.

When May arrived to help me with the final touches Edmund had already gone for his bachelor's party, I was so excited to have her around, I knew everything will be okay now.

While we were catching up May suggested that I would walk down the aisle and she would we do the evening party, we will exchange roles and this won't be hard since we have done a lot of this before.

I agreed, the next day I was the one that got legally married in church while May was watching but at the reception May came with the evening dress while I went to remove my wedding gown and wear her cloth it was a relief because I was so tired.

She carried the rest of the day so nicely no one noticed not even our parents, then evening party and at night she had to go with Edmund for the honeymoon though this wasn't part of the plan he didn't give us time to exchange roles.

Now we are both trapped into this marriage without his knowledge, we exchange roles most of the times and he still doesn't know how to differentiate us, and we actually enjoy it.

I don't know if it will be wise to tell him the truth now, I can't live without my twin and she also likes Edmund.

This story actually happened in Singapore in 2016.