Check The Top 10 Highest Goal Scorers In The World Cup History.

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The World Cup is the biggest competition in international football. It is even the most watched sporting event in the world. Since 1930, the biggest footballing countries have been competing for the title of world champion every 4 years.

Some players stood out for the number of goals they managed to score in this competition. All of the players on this list are legends in their respective countries and outstanding goal scorers.

Here are the ranking of the top scorers in the history of the World Cup.

 10. Gabriel Batistuta

Gabriel Batistuta is very efficient in selection. He is also included in our ranking of the best Argentinian players of all time. Batistuta has won the Copa America twice, as well as the Confederations Cup once with Argentina. He participated three times in the World Cup between 1994 and 2002, without succeeding in winning the competition. He still scores 10 goals in 12 total matches, making him one of the top scorers in World Cup history.

 9. Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker is known for his exploits with the England team. He is one of the best English players in history, with 48 goals in 80 caps. The English player finished top scorer at the 1986 World Cup with 6 goals. In total, he has scored 10 goals in 12 games, which puts him in 9th place among the top scorers in World Cup history.

 8. Helmut Rahn

Rahn is a hero of the "Miracle of Bern" in 1954, where Germany won the World Cup against ultra-favorite Hungary in the final. He especially scores 2 goals in the final and becomes a real idol in Germany. With 10 goals in 10 games at the 1954 and 1958 World Cups, Helmut Rahn is 8th in the ranking of top scorers in World Cup history.

 7. Jürgen Klinsmann

Klinsmann is a German international player who is one of the top scorers in World Cup history. He notably won the World Cup in 1990 and took part in the following two. Jürgen Klinsmann is also involved in Germany’s victory at Euro 1996. With 47 goals, including 11 at the World Cup, in 108 caps, he is one of the greatest German players of all time.

 6. Sándor

With the Hungarian team, Sándor Kocsis has become a legend in his country. He has scored 75 goals in 68 games, which is an incredible ratio. Of those goals, eleven were scored in the 1954 World Cup, where he finished top scorer. Despite this, Hungary fell in the final to Germany and did not win the competition. Kocsis is still one of the top scorers in World Cup history.

 5. Pele

Pelé is known for his incredible career in the national team. He is one of the best Brazilian players of all time. In 92 games, he scored 77 goals and above all won the World Cup three times in 1958, 1962 and 1970. Pele and the only player in history to have achieved this feat. With 12 goals in 14 World Cup games, he ranks 5th among the top scorers in World Cup history.

 4. Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine is one of the best French players in history. He participates in 21 international matches and scores 30 goals in total. The French striker is best known for his 1958 World Cup scoring record. He scored 13 goals in just 6 games during the competition, a feat that has never been equaled or beaten. Just Fontaine is therefore the 4th highest scorer in World Cup history with 13 goals.

 3. Gerd Mülle

With the German team, Gerd Müller has scored many goals. He scored 68 goals in 62 caps and won Euro 1972 as well as the 1974 World Cup. The German center forward is third in the standings with 14 goals in 13 games. Müller is also part of our ranking of the best scorers of all time.

 2. Ronaldo

Ronaldo is generally known for his performances in the national team. He has participated in 98 international matches and scored 62 times. "R9" especially allows his team to win the 2002 World Cup, while being the competition's top scorer with 8 goals. In total, he scores 15 goals in 19 World Cup games. As well as being one of the best forward attackers of all time, he is one of the greatest scorers in World Cup history.

 1. Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose is one of the best German players of all time. He participated in the World Cup 4 times between 2002 and 2014. In total he scored 16 goals in 24 matches and became the top scorer in the history of the World Cup. After reaching the final of the competition in 2002, he finally won it at the 2014 World Cup.


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