One Kenya Alliance Leaders Left in Shock as One Wealthy Partner Exits


One Kenya Alliance leaders have been left in shock and confusion as one of the wealthy partner has exited the alliance in favour of Raila Odinga. Gideon Moi exited the alliance leaving the alliance in shock for they depended on his connections and his vast wealth to mount a strong presidential campaign.

One Kenya Alliance has really suffered a heavy blow as really losing Gideon Moi from the alliance is not a joke. He would finance their alliance for its clear he was among the most wealthy leaders in the alliance. It's also a fact presidential campaigns highly cost a lot of money.

Gideon Moi has opted to worn with Raila Odinga ahead if 2022 instead of One Kenya Alliance leaders. This is according to Uhuru Kenyatta who has been asking leaders to unite together under Raila Odinga as we move into 2022 elections.

Gideon Moi will therefore work under Raila Odinga and possibly be his deputy ahead of 2022. It's clear Kalonzo and Mudavadi have already confirmed they cannot work under Raila Odinga anymore for he has breached trust completely.

Remember they have accused ODM and Raila Odinga of denying the NASA partners party funds. It's something that has not gone down well with the other ODM partners in the alliance who have vowed never to work with him going into the future.