Ways to make your relationship work


Relationships can be very unpredictable especially with the current misleading belief that money is the key to happiness in any union.This could be true if the society has accepted it that way.In my own research many of such relationships have no life as they end up breaking miserably.Relationships need virtues to prosper.

Understanding each other and communicating are the best ways to have a better and healthy relationship.The man should be the man and the woman should be the woman.If the two persons understand their roles in the relationship then expect progress for both of you.Understanding each other's acts and behaviors should be unconditional and rational.What is good for a particular partner might not be good to the other.Instead of forcing the other to follow your choices you should learn to live by his or her likes and dislikes.

Many marriages are in fear of destruction due to misunderstandings hence forth I strongly advocate rational thinking in them.Relationships need people to be committed to each nevertheless.The man is the prize of the house and the king of the family.His wife and children look after him for he is in control just like a driver and the passengers.

If the man lacks leadership qualities then marriage wont work.On the hand a woman is the love of the family.She should always eminate love and care in the marriage or relationship.She makes sure everyone is happy and contented because that's the motherly attitude required from a woman.

In conclusion marriage or any relationship build under strong foundation of holiness is better than that which lack any religious connection.A family should attend religious functions together to create a strong bond which which is God fearing.

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