I wish I could turn back the hands of time - Sad husband of the woman who was shot at Jamestown


The sudden death of Joyce Amankwah also known as Madam at Adedenpo was very sad and unfortunate. She woke up very strong and was attending to her normal daily duties when the sporadic gunshots of armed robbers hit her. This painful incident has been talked about for so many days but the harm has already been caused.

Her one week commemoration was celebrated today as family and sympathisers trooped in to mourn her. The family still can't come to terms why such catastrophe will befall their beloved. She left behind a husband and children.

The husband has spoken and according to him, the late Joyce Amankwah was here everything when she was alive. He continued to say though it's very painful but no amount of tears can bring her lovely wife back. He said he wish he could turn back the hands of time to bring back his wife to life. He again revealed that, he has wholeheartedly forgiven the killers because if his wife was to be alive, she would have said the same thing due to her kind heart. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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Source: TV 3

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