5 Ways To Know If Your Ex Is Trying To Spoil Your Reputation

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When a guy and a lady break up after a serious quarrel, and they can't reconcile again, both of them will break up the relationship.

Meanwhile, one of them will feel very hurt and might be looking for ways to destroy the reputation of their ex.

This happens a lot on social media.

The following are the various signs that will show your ex is trying to spoil your reputation.

They Expose Your Secrets

He or she starts exposing some of your secrets which they would have hidden if both of you were still dating.

Now that you broke up, they see it as an opportunity to tell the world about your secrets.They want people to start believing that you are not who you claim you are.

If you owe them any money, they will tell the world about it. If they were the ones who did a favor for you, the whole world will now know about it.

It's a sign that your ex wants to spoil your reputation.

He Or She Becomes Friends With Your Enemies

When your ex wants to destroy your good reputation, the cheapest way is for them to become friends with your enemies.

Both of them will team up against you and begin to say things that can tarnish your good image.

Your ex will be feeding your enemies all the information about you. It's a sign that he or she wants to destroy your reputation.

They Delete Pictures And Conversations That Will Expose Them

If you notice that your ex has started deleting some of your old pictures, it's a sign that they are up to something.

They will do this so that people will not be able to trace any facts that will contradict their allegations against you.

They Spread Lies About You To Your Friends And People Who Can Help You

They start communicating with your friends to let them know that you are the one at fault.

If they know anyone who is in the position to assist you, they tell the person bad things about you so that the person won't assist you again.

He Or She Blames You For Everything That Led To The Break Up

They will shift all the blame on you and make it look as though the whole quarrel between you was your fault.

This is what they will be telling everyone about you. It's a sign that your ex is trying to destroy your reputation.

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