Motivation is not a solution; it's a symptom


Motivation is not a solution; it's a symptom.

I think the first step is to dissolve your own shame, and guilt, and reasons why you don't deserve.

Because a lot of people are sitting and beating themselves up.

Anytime you set goals that are not alliened with your highest values and you then don't achieve because you give up on them,then you end up beating yourself up and thinking there's something wrong with you. Well, first of all, you want to find out whatever you've done in your life, how it serves you and how it served others.

And clear out your shame and guilt.

Then you want to sit down and ask what is it that you're going to do beacuse you are not going to get wealthy unless you're serving people. 

And if you're not dedicated to serving people you have a fantasy that you call "wealth".

You need to make sure that you really have a value on serving people, you need to have a value on wealth because if you don't really have a value on wealth you'll spend it.

If you have more of a value on spending it than saving it, or investing it, it's going to keep getting out the window.

Because the money circulates in the economy from those who value the least to those who value the most time.

You have to value wealth building more than spending!

You have to value serving people More than just taking!

You have to be able to be dedicated to something that's really congruent with your values or you won't stay with it!

You won't build momentum and perseverance for accomplishment!

People who have a forced automatic saving in place and who are willing to consistently study and research because they value wealth building...

Warren Buffett at 11, he already read all the books in Nebraska library on wealth building by the age of 11.

He was committed to the outcome, people who are really committed to wealth building.They study it, They research it, they mentor under it, they apply it.

They have savings and investment structures in place.

They're constantly trying to serve people and they want to build a business that last.

What happens is that every human being lives by a set of priorities and a set of values.

Whenever you set goals that congruent and are in alignment with your highest values, you become the most powerful and effective person you can be.

This is where you're the most grateful, the most resilient.

This is where you're the most disciplined and the most fulfilled in your life.

Whenever you're living by lower values and are trying to inject the values of others or minimize yourself and live by lower value system. 

You procrastinate, hesitate,frustrate and you become victims of your history. Not masters of your destiny. 

So you look at how people fill their space and you look at how they spend their time. You look at what they are disciplined about and focused on;

You look at what they're the most organised.

You look at where they spend the most money;

You look at what energizes them the most.

You look at what they think about, visualize, affirm and converse with others about most, that is in line with what they're creating in life.

Look at what they're inspired by, what their goals are, and what they love learning.

If you look and find common threads to those questions it will narrow down to what you're dedicated to and what you spontaneously can't wait to get up in the morning and do.

Any individual that is setting goals and intentions that are congruent and in line with their highest values.

They have the highest probability of being spontaneously inspired in the morning to get up and do it.

So if you notice an entrepreneur that is working in a business and they found what is most meaningful to them.

They have found the tap dance of work energy that Warren Buffett describes.

Now in addition to that, an entrepreneur also has to find out what their targeted market's highest values are to make sure that they're providing a service that meets those specific needs.

So determining your own values and determining other people's values that you want to served,is an essential component because you have to be able to find something that serves other people but is also meaningful to you. If you find those two, you got your niche!

Now you have something what you will love to get up in the morning and do and you get to go and do what exactly people what and you get up get to fulfil their life.

Because everybody has a set of priorities, a set of values in their life.

Whenever they are living by thier highest values, which the ancient greek call the "Telos", which is the highest priority in their life.

The "Chief" is what Napoleon Hill called it or Edd Helson called it " the magnificent obsession"

The highest value is the most meaningful and most purposeful thing they can do. That is the purpose.

When you do, you're most resilient, most adaptable to pain and pleasure.

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