Netizens List True Prophets Of God As Manasseh Azure Talks About His Encounter With True Men Of God


The issues surrounding men of God in Ghana now make it difficult to differentiate between a true man of God and a fake man of God. Jesus Christ warned his disciples in Matthew 24:4-5 saying, "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

This prophesy Jesus gave to his disciple about 2,000 years ago has already been fulfilled. Some innocent Christians have already fall into the trap of these fake men of God and they have no one to turn unto. Some Ghanaians have lost their properties, marriages, lives, work, virginity, family and salvation because of fake prophets.

But the Investigative Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni believes that, true men of God exist despite the fact that, the fake ones are many. In his testimony, he did not mentioned any name but his comment suggest that, he has encountered true Prophets of God.

This is what the Journalist posts using his official Facebook account:

"There are still genuine prophets of God around.

They may not wear big suits and titles, but God is using them mightily".

Jesus Christ gave a clear prescription that, "By their fruits, you shall no them". Manasseh Azure Awuni also said that, "They may not wear big suits and titles". This means that, true Prophets of God are gentle and do not make 'noise' on media. People might not even hear of them because they do not speak against celebrities and top government officials in the country.

A Facebook user known as Nana Yaa Anyewense Nhyiraba said that, "Prophet Mafred Acheampong (fruit of Christ international church) is one of the most genuine prophet I have ever met".

Another Facebook user known as Daniel Tornyigah also said that, "I will tell you about Rev. Isaac Ofori of Overcomers Breed International. This is a young man who left all in the oil industry to embrace the calling of God on him. Very humble and obedient servant of God. Just call him and listen to wisdom, not the NDC and NPP message".

Adwoa Tettey-Nartey reacted that, "Very true. Rev. Job Aidoo, God bless you for your heart and genuineness. Keeps things simple but making tremendous impact".


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