How To Fix Blood Clots Naturally – 11 Remedies That Work

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Blood clumps are development of blood tissue and plasma; they happen anyplace in the body and mostly in the veins or corridors of the eyes, lungs, legs, heart or cerebrum. Blood clumps shaped in veins contrast from those in the conduits and need various drugs for mending. In any case, there are numerous regular remedies for blood clumps and today; numerous clinical specialists are concurring that these normal fixes might be far better than traditional anticoagulation prescriptions. Allow us to discover which are the best spices and normal remedies for blood clusters in legs, cerebrum, heart and feminine blood.

1. Arginine

Arginine is an incredible amino corrosive that is known to 'decisive victory' courses. It gives incredible anticoagulation activity that can forestall blood clusters from framing and furthermore disintegrate existing clumps. Continuously utilize unadulterated Arginine got from non hereditarily altered, natural Japanese Soy. Any regular heart supplements contain this incredible blood clump buster. Converse with your PCP about the right measurement to take.

2. Blackstrap molasses

BSM is a superfood which can forestall many issues including forestalling blood clumps during feminine cycle. Take two tablespoons of natural Blackstrap molasses half a month prior to the period. You can even take BSM during the period to lessen iron deficiency. BSM can likewise disintegrate clumps in the legs, heart and cerebrum.

Peruse more with regards to this superfood here.

3. Salicytate containing food varieties and enhancements

Salicytate compounds are the fundamental/dynamic fixings in Aspirin which is the main anticoagulant recommended for blood clumps in the heart. Numerous food sources, spices and flavors contain normal salicytate which can be devoured consistently to forestall and break down the clots.



Curry powder





Many natural products additionally contain Salicytates like:

All berries-strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, tangerines


Apple juice vinegar

Red and white wine

Pineapple juice

Green tea and dark tea

4. Coumarin

Coumarin is perhaps the best spice for blood clumps in legs which can be utilized for forestalling and dissolving both venous and blood vessel blood clusters. The medication Warfarin that is recommended for forestalling clumps to heart patients is an engineered subordinate of coumarin. Here are a few plants and spices containing coumarin subordinates:


Horse feed





Dong Quai

Horse chestnut

Horse radish

Japanese Green tea





Sweet clover

Fundamental oils of cassia, lavender and cinnamon bark

Assuming you are taking anticoagulants, try not to take above spices for blood clusters in abundance to forestall dying.

5. Nutrient E (Tocopherol)

This cell reinforcement nutrient is additionally an anticoagulant and numerous lab tests have demonstrated its enemy of blood coagulating impacts in creatures. Patients can accept a nutrient E supplement as prompted by the specialist. Assuming you are at a danger of overabundance draining or are as of now taking anticoagulant medications, then, at that point, you may need to stay away from nutrient E supplements. Food sources containing Vitamin E incorporate raw grain, egg yolks, vegetable oil, nuts, spinach, oats and so on

6. Nutrient C (Ascorbic corrosive)

This cancer prevention agent nutrient is required for vein uprightness, appropriate working of white platelets and furthermore for bringing down the frequency of blood clusters. It is normally found in citrus natural products, green verdant vegetables, kale, broccoli and so on Heat obliterates this nutrient so supplementation might be fundamental.

7. Get some daylight (Vitamin D)

The daylight nutrient or nutrient D is a significant normal remedy for forestalling repetitive clumps. Soak in the early morning sun for no less than 15 minutes. One enormous Swedish study conducted on north of 40,000 patients demonstrated that standard sun openness and nutrient D enhancements can forestall Deep Vein Thrombosis or clusters in the legs.

8. Fish oil and Omega 3

One of the most amazing home solutions for forestalling blood clusters in the heart and cerebrum is eating a lot of fish tight as can be, salmon, anchovies, fish, and herrings. Studies have shown that fish oil has fibrinolytic properties, which implies it can break up both blood vessel and venous clumps. Converse with your primary care physician about the measurements to take.

9. Seared onions

An English study has shown that eating seared onions can break up clumps. The Quercetin content of red onions has an anticoagulation impact which diminishes heart issue chances without excess dying.

10. Cayenne pepper

Blend cayenne pepper with blackstrap molasses and a touch of apple juice vinegar. Drink the blend day by day on void stomach as a piece of your home solutions for blood clusters during periods.

11. Different safeguards

The accompanying safeguards and preventive measures can assist with forestalling clusters:

Assuming that your PCP has so prompted, wear pressure articles of clothing or stockings to forestall blood clusters in legs.

Abstain from resting or sitting for delayed periods. Attempt and stroll in the plane during long flights. Enjoy continuous reprieves on long vehicle drives and walk a little.

Abstain from smoking and recycled smoke.

Practice every day.

Drink a lot of water

Keep away from oral contraceptives assuming that you are inclined to blood clotting.

These normal remedies for blood clumps, alongside legitimate eating routine and customary exercise can forestall blood vessel and venous blood clusters.

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