What Boys Love In Girls


There is a quote that says,'love is blind ' but contrary to this,one will only love you if you meet his or her requirements.For a boy to fall for you and love there are some characters that he looks for;for example a guy may be looking for a calm and humble girl but eventually he gets one who is not humble, its unfortunate that the guy will stop loving the girl.This us because sometimes love fade.In this article am going to talk about things/characters that may make a boy love a girl and even end up marrying each other;

1. Characters

In deed you cannot love a person whose characters differs from yours.Most men love girls with good behaviours. Let us use the example that you marry a girl and when she reaches at home she accuses you parents,this is not good totally even it will break your relationship with the family.

2. Out look

When you marry a presentable girl it will be obvious that your friends will always admire her and congratulate you.Atleast men love the ladies who knows how to wear fashionable clothing.

3. Beauty

Some men love beauty in girls which somehow makes sense but everyone is beautiful because we were all created by one supreme God.Some men love light skin girls while others like chocolate ladies.

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