Mzansi Reacted To Thabang After He Said He Wants Fats Ugly Girl For This Reason In #SingleAndMingle

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Mzansi Reacted To Thabang After He Say He Wants Fats Ugly Girl For This Reason In #SingleAndMingle

Todays episode was about the synamite most definitely comes in small packages. What could Narang possible have in store for Thabang. 

#SingleAndMingle is show that bring together couple who have been single and they looking for partners in their life's. #SingleAndMingle play every Saturday @7:00pm on Channel 157 Moja Love. If you are single and tired of being single this is a show for you.

I have learnt a lot in today's episode #SingleAndMingle. While some men's still think that beautiful women are better that fat ugly women. Thabang has proven a point that fat woman is loving and caring that a beautiful women you said you want.

Chubby women are taking over. Thabang make it clear that he want women with ugly bodies because have love. He said that if he can get ugly women he won't have to fight or go into competition. He said that beautiful woman are nothing by troubles.

His granny also encouraged him to look for woman he has not had lucky since his past relationship which ended into disaster. Thabang wanted someone who will go into serious relationship with. He even saw it that from his date he will not get a real woman. His scared even to believe that his single. He has a mind that beautiful woman like her is not single.

Mzansi have reacted in him. Some saying that it's because he has not met beautiful girl. While according to him, homes are build by fat women. Thabang wanted a ugly women and not slay queen it's pitty he got the other way round. 

You should have see his reactions after seeing his date. It was like he had a date with Beyonce. It sad he did not get his chubby girl and he did not get a date also.

What do you think of Thabang theory. Do you support him or not. Who do you prefer chubby or slender.

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