"Treat Any Man Who Proposes To You As If He Is Being Interviewed For A Job"- Reno Tells Ladies


So many times, ladies fell into the wrong marriages. They married these wrong men not because they wanted it but because they weren't straightforward while they asked for their hand in marriage. So many wives in Nigeria are living I'm pains because of marrying the wrong person

Most times, the ladies are the problem. According to Reno Omokri, dome ladies are carried away by the care that are being given to them from their make friends and they forget to ask some key questions. Then, later, they begin to suffer the consequences of their not being able to ask the right questions.

There is an adage that says, 'Any man who I'd fond of asking questions does not miss his way'. This is what most ladies should do to save themselves from marrying beasts as husbands.

Reno Omokri said, "Dear women, treat men who propose to you, as if they are being interviewed for a job. Because they are. Don’t be so excited by a big ring that you string along. Clarify expectations".

Reno Omokri maintained that it is better to get clarified on key matters before you say you will marry him. Most of the times you end up being the second or even fourth wife, however, before you noticed it was too late

He advised ladies ladies to ask questions on the man's view on polygamy and marriage in general. Of possible, ask him of his sources of income and as well his goals. You can as well ask him of the number of children he wants and lists more to avoid crying had I known at the end.

"Ask his views on polygamy and marriage etc. Be wise, not nice", Reno Omokri concluded.

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