Tears and Sorrow After Another KMTC Student Killed After The Assassin Did This


Many any youths are jobless. Some of them are engaging in different crimes to make money. Furthermore, these criminals usually use different weapons such as AK-47 rifles and pistol to attack innocent Kenyans.

Also some innocent youths have been killed after quarreling with their lovers. These cases should be condemned by all Kenyans and all suspects should be arrested. Furthermore, some students have been raped by these criminals. It is very painful and sad when a human being kills his fellow friend.

According to the source, KMTC female Student have being found in her rental house dead. Emily Chepkemoi was raped by unknown people before being killed. The first year student was killed on her bed and the assassins escaped after doing unthinkable acts. Furthermore, it has been reported that the neighbours who are KMTC Students did not hear any commotion from Emily's house.

The neighbours discovered that Emily was not around since Saturday and bad smell was coming from her house. Unfortunately, she was found dead on her bed.

Let us pray for the family of Emily during this difficult time. May the soul of Emily rest in peace.

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