Wear Masks, Get Vaccinated And Avoid Public Gatherings A Reminder From The Centre Of Disease Control

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In order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID 19 we should get fully vaccinated this is the new guideline from the Center of Disease Control.

Our health agencies are urging people to avoid public gatherings and wear face masks while in public.

The CDC also reminds the public that if one is sick or experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID 19 they should seek medical care as well as isolate themselves.

"We aren't through with this but these efforts will help us have a close to normal winter" Dr. Eric Cione Penã the director of Global health at Northwell health in New Hyde Park,New york.


Recent data from the CDC shows that unvaccinated adults are over six times likely to test positive for the virus and eleven times as likely to succumb to the disease.

Vaccinated people are also thought to be less contagious.

"Nothing is 100% but vaccines are the best defense"Cione Penã.

Face masks

Wear quality and well fitting masks

"N95 masks provide greater protection than surgical masks which are better than cloth face coverings"Cutler.

Immunocompromised individuals should be extra careful.

They should be fully vaccinated this lowers their chances of getting the virus although they have low immunity. If you have an immunocompromised family member you should consider staying indoors if possible or wear face masks when in public places.

The take home message.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to wear face masks and be fully vaccinated as directed by the CDC.

Avoid public gatherings and be extra careful if around an immunocompromised individual.

This battle belongs to you and me.

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