Beautiful Secondary School made from wood and straw bales in Malawi, Africa.


This is a secondary school in Africa - Malawi made from wood and straw bales. It was designed by Nuru Karim and Co.

 This architectural design for a proposed secondary school in Malawi has got people talking on social media after some images were shared, while most people have criticize the extensive use of wood and straw for this building others seemed to like it and are appreciating it's beauty.

For all we know building are made entirely or partly from blocks, woods or both but this beautiful and amazing architecture of a Malawian Secondary School defies all odds, composing mainly of straws and woods. It's quite a spectacle and a sight to behold, the architecture of this Secondary School is something that will always catch the sight and attention of all.

About Nuru Karim and Co. 

Nuru Karim, Founder & Principal Nudes received his Masters in Architecture and Urban-ism from the Architectural Association [AADRL] London, United Kingdom in 2006. His undergraduate studies include travel and education in the metropolis of Mumbai [KRVIA-gold medallist] and Montreal [McGill University]. The company operates within the realm of cross-disciplinary cultures of art, architecture and computational design powered by digital “making” tools addressing larger networks of social, cultural and environmental .