Just In : An expert opinion on the viral Adenta SSNIT daylight robbery captured on CCTV camera

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There are ongoing viral videos reportedly linking to an alleged daylight robbery at Adenta SSNIT flat . Information circulating indicates that the video was captured by the CCTV camera on the said street.

Per the video, there was a man chasing a woman for her bag . The woman could be seen fiercely resisting the man and throwing her bag onto a moving taxi .

The attacker could be seen taking the bag and jumping onto a probably planned moving motor cycle.

Many think that the taxi driver should have taken some action on the robbers but we can not measure the danger or fear sensed by this taxi driver. Onlookers could be seen approaching the victim who we can not confirm if she was stabbed or injured .

In fact , some forensic and security experts have advised the procurement of appropriate CCTV cameras for our streets . CCTV is an abbreviation for closed circuit television . CCTV can also be referred to as a video surveillance that should help security agencies to carry out investigations. Experts have analysed that CCTV cameras that can not zoom into faces of perpetuators are less costly and not effective for criminal investigations. In my view, quality CCTV cameras that can zoom in to identify faces of perpetuators should be purchased to make the work of our investigators easy .

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