Felicity Shiru Finally Apologises To Thee Pluto For Hurting Him

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A few days ago, Robert Ndengwa alias The Pluto and Felicity Shiru cleared the air that they had broke up and it was not for clout as many people thought.

It has never been an easy time for the Pluto to continue with his normal businesses as he truly loved the lady bit the lady never showed it back to him.

Shiru and Robert dated for only three months and because their relationship could not work out ,they decided to part ways bit they are still good friends.

Today, Nairobi Gossip club have taken to their Instagram page and posts a photo that reveals that Felicity Shiru has finally apologies to Robert Ndegwa for hurting him.

According to the post from Nairobi gossip club,Felicity Shiru stated that it was never intentionally to call the relationship to an end and she also cleared the air and said that she never dated Pluto for clout but people love differently .

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