Do Not Open This Article If You Can't Control Laughter; See Other Memes That Will Make Your Day


1) A police officer asks a thief, "Why did you steal this stranger's watch?" 

The thief replies, "I didn't steal it -- he gave it to me!" 

The policeman asks, "When did he give it to you?" 

The thief tells him, "When I showed him the gun." 


2) I attended a crusade and the man of God walked up to me and said, "you shall walk." I was surprised because I was not lame. But at the end of the service I realized that my transport money had been stolen.

3) When I heard that the Covid-19 vaccine had been brought to the country I remembered what my grandfather told me when we were in a marriage ceremony, sitting close to the speaker. The music was so loud that I couldn't hear him.

4) Officer: Why are you here?

Me: I was arrested because I went for shopping so early.

Officer: How early were you?

Me: Before the shop was opened.