Is Religion Actually Needed?


"20 people are in a car

Boom accident....

Only Ama Lucy survived..

She attends church the next day thanking god for saving her life sows a seed of 5000 cedis.."

Remember 19 people perished. Religion makes you stupid.

" Pastor Stanley prays and casts the spirit of death from Yaa Goslow's family....

A week later Yaa's only child dies....

The pastor hears of it and tells Yaa 'we can't question God's ways He does want he wants,,,He knows why he

killed your that his glory will be manifested".

Faith is the excuse you give when you have no evidence. Our conscience lay waste while we cling solely unto

religion's mantra.

According to their Supreme being, Christians are not supposed to judge other people. They even don't believe

that as they're some of the most judgemental folks in the world. Despite the thousands of gods existing

before and after their 'god', they are sure, and will fight tooth and nail, to defend the superiority of their god.

Apparently their God cannot fight for him/herself.

In their 'holy book', their god murdered thousands of innocent children in an attempt to prove his powers. He

also apparently led his people to kill and take people's land from them.

Yet this same God admonishes them not to kill or repay violence with violence.

And he hardened a rulers heart against his will so he could cause more and more destruction to innocent

lives. This is a bloodthirsty 'god', a God who has favorites amongst the people he apparently created.

Thedse Christians will follow everything in the Bible without questioning a word of it.

It is even worse in the era of the Covid-19. Some of the pastors have come to say that it is the doing of their

god and that he's punishing man for their sins. Unbelievable right?

One popular Archbishop even prophesied that no Ghanaian would die from the disease. And here we are with 84 deaths. Laughable.

According to their bible Lucifer--the bad guy, fought their god and somehow their god couldn't even kill him.

He had to cast him amongst mortal men and warn us to be aware of him. The omnipotent god, yes, the one

who called plants and animals into existence couldn't defeat a mere 'creation'.

These concocted stories have eaten into the moral Fibre of christians that their well being is attributed to the book.

There's this request from someone on Abena Manokekame's page soliciting help from readers about a soon

to be wife getting raped a week to their wedding. And there was this particular comment that stated that It

could be God's doing and that he let's things happen for a reason. Yes you read that right, someone was

raped because God had a bigger plan for her. One will sit back and wonder if such people have a thinking cap.

These are instances revealing our infatuation with religion. Our own conscience lay waste as we cling solely unto' faith '

Whatever goes wrong in our life gets blamed on Satan. I mean when are we going to hear his side of the

story. All the Bible and other books do is to condemn him and make him look bad. He's not the one who killed

the children in Egypt, he didn't burn Sodom and Gomorrah and all the people living there down. God had done

most of all the killings in the Bible yet Christians believe he's and any attempt to question his intents gets

labeled as' blasphemy'.

If they believe he does what he wants how he wants and when he wants, why worry themselves praying to

him then. Because your prayers can change his mind remember?

China and other Asian countries with Budha as their god are progressing  

in every aspect of life. Then perhaps Budha is the real god?

The love for their pastors is shocking. Every word from the pastor's mouth is the truth and anything else is

false. Instances of church members chewing grass and drinking water from their pastors bath points to

ingrained religion is in their lives.

They'll sacrifice their money to pastors in the form of tithes and go home hungry.

If god is all powerful why don't he just eliminate the devil, sin and all evil things from the world. He knows

everything but we still have to pray to him? He doesn't already know our request?.

You can be the most caring, benign being in the world but if you don't attend church you're branded the devil.

According to them, the earth tremor which shook most parts of the world was signs of his second coming. If

he couldn't survive whips in his days what makes you think he'll survive all these sophisticated weapons.

Christians will easily wish death on you if you dare challenge their god. They'll command their god to strike

you down any moment. People with varying views from the Bible are according to them, lost and need

prayers. To them prayers can solve everything, - - - can heal the sick yet our hospitals are choked with

patients. The miracles are rather performed in the churches and not the hospital. The sick pastor is sent to

the hospital for medication but the church member besiege the pastor for healing. These pastors prey of the

naive and vulnerable. 

The Bible is just a book with stories just like any other book. It isn't anything special. Millions of years from

now, people will find magazines and books of Spiderman, Hobbits and conclude that they might have lived. 

Let's sit back and look at life as it is. There's no one coming back for us.