Unfortunately, Another New 11 People Have Succumbed To The Covid-19 As MoH Mutahi Kagwe Reveals.


Actually it is so sad and painful to continue hearing that we are still losing our beloved ones on daily basis just because of this pandemic called coronavirus. We are hoping that now the virus should give us a rest.

This virus actually visited our country kenya early March last year till now the virus is not showing implication of coming to an end for infecting people. It is now roughly one and half years since this pandemic intruded our country.

The virus is still infecting many people daily. Following today's report, 504 people have tested positive from a sample size of 4,090 tested in the last 24 hours. It is now totalling to 194,310 positive cases being reported since the virus arrived.

Actually following how the virus is infecting, it is very worried. Positivity Rate is still operating beyond. Today Wednesday 21st, the positivity rate was 12.4 per cent. This is actually beyond the recommended rate from the WHO organization.

This clearly implies that kenyans should keep putting more effort in terms of Fighting this pandemic. Nobody should then get tied for observing the COVID-19 protocols given by the ministry of health. This is because, the rate is still rising and if the seriousness about fighting the disease will not be employed, then the pandemic is going to remind with us forever.

Actually it really pains to hear that we have lost so and so. Today another 11 people have succumbed death to the disease. Bringing a total number of 3,811 fatilities since the covid-19 pandemic arrived. Sincere condolences to the families that have lost their beloved ones that let us keep hoping that one day we will come to get rid of this virus.

Actually this virus is not chosing whom to infect and whom do not. Even young people are also dying from the virus. It will be therefore good if all of us will highly follow the rules of the COVID-19. Let us keep wearing our face masks, keeping the social distancing as we hope and yearn to be ever safe .

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