How to tell if your girlfriend is using this combo, men watch out (Opinion piece)

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When it comes o self care women are number one, a lady will never leave the house without taking a bath except if she is not heading too far from home. A lady can use different kinds of muthi to protect herself from losing out on a relationship, but this one is the best combo every women will never deny.

Snuff can be used for a lot of reasons that people today do not know, all because of lacking information. What am about to tell you now will leave you holding your head. Although we all know about since women use this thing differently, especially those who do not sniff. Sad part is they will deny being part of such activity will they know the truth. As a man you need to know your woman especially when it comes to fragrances she uses.

If you have never seen a container of sniff were your girlfriend lives, or felt unusual smell from her nose then you have missed out on something big all these days. She is using sniff the minute she stop sniffing chances are you might dump her without looking back, its human nature. Ladies use snuff as muthi to attract men who are vulnerable and know little about muthi and all that they mix beware.

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