Umahi is the Pride of Nigeria's Contemporary Democracy


Ebonyi state has been registered in the world map of economic and infrastructural development. This happened because of the enormous sacrifices enshrined in the love, Governor Umahi has for the good people of Ebonyi State.

The state, which many people were reluctant to identify with has become the bride and proud of the Southeast, because the state has got a leader who prioritizes the needs of the people. 

Soon and very soon, Abakaliki, the state capital of Ebonyi State, will have the biggest shopping mall in east of the Niger, if not Nigeria; fully running for businesses. Investors are trooping to the state to register their presence in the first of its kind shopping mall that will provide 24hrs services to customers.

This is a product of visionary leadership, to invest the future so that the multiplier effects of the investment will touch every facet of the economy.

Ebonyians are apprehensive of the sustainability of these investments when Governor Umahi leaves office, that his successor may not toe the same line. Several Ebonyians are of the opinion that there should be a law, passed by the state house of assembly to ensure that the successor of Governor Umahi retains his developmental policies.

While critics do not see any good in Umahi"s administration, as theirs is to share the money, which the governor abhors; it is becoming so glaring to the critics that they have no option than the accept the obvious facts 

Umahi loves Ebonyi people, and it’s seen all over Ebonyi state. God bless Gov. Umahi and Ebonyi state.

Ogbuatu Simbad

State Publicity Secretary APC, Ebonyi State


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