Another Sad News From Apam As Two Teenagers Drowned Again In The Sea This Afternoon

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6th March 2021 is one of the saddest days Ghanaians will never forget after it was reported fourteen (14) teenagers drowned in the Apam River. Parents of those children's hearts were trembled not only parent’s citizens in the Town shield tears with the parents.

This incident which happened at Apam has become a big history in Ghana and parents have warned their wards to be very careful with water especially swimming pools, rivers, and the sea.

Upon what happened, some of the children still sneak themselves and go to the beachside to swim. Another sad incident coming this afternoon reported by Radio Peace in Winneba two teenagers have drowned in the again at Apam as they went to the beachside to swim.

The name of these two teenagers is Kwame Asare and Frimpong Samuel. This incident happened this afternoon around 2:00 am after they were seen by two men who went to the beachside.

The bodies were retrieved from the sea and sent to Winneba Trauma hospital by the police for further investigations.

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