Good News To Youths As President Uhuru Fulfills His Promise To Them.


President Uhuru Kenyatta had promised two weeks ago while touring the city that the famous Kazi Mtaani would be extended after several youths requested the favor, Kazi Mtaani is a hygiene program done mainly in the urban centers, workers in the program earn Ksh. 455 per day while the supervisors earn 505 per day.

President Kenyatta addressing residents of Kayole. Photo courtesy.

The program was initiated by the state department of housing and urban development upon the outbreak of the deadly pandemic Coronavirus it was unveiled as a local economic recovery initiative and a form of social protection to assist youths and vulnerable families in the various slum.

Many youths who had lost jobs were later absorbed in the program that was set to end on 4th March 2021, however, the steering committee of the program has announced that, as President Uhuru had promised, the program will now be extended.

The principal secretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development Mr. Charles Hinga, in a statement, has said that the decision will bring a sigh of relief to over 280,000 youths engaged in the program.