Talented Female Celebrities: Who is more talented among these 2 top celebrity Kids in Ghana??


It has always been the norm that we ought to hear issues everyday. The issues can either be good or controversial. Naturally, humans are attracted to issues that are controversial in nature. Issues that have substance and can have diverse opinions and deliberations about are of essence.

In today's article I shall present to you two of the most talented celebrities kids in Ghana at the moment and out of these we deliberate on who is more talented among them.

1. The first person on the list is Erica Armah Bra- Bulu Tandoh who is popularly known as DJ Switch is one of the top talented celebrity kids in Ghana at the moment. She was born on December 12, 2007. The 14 years old talented celebrity is into disk jockey. She is a multi talented entertainer who can also sing, rap and dance very well. She shot to the game in 2007, when she won the DJ Switch. In 2018, she became the youngest person to win Ghana's annual DJ award. She also won the Best Young Entertainer of Year in 2021 edition of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA). When it comes to philanthropic works, she has also stands in that field also.

2. Nakeeyat Dramani Sam is the second person on the list of the top celebrity kids in Ghana at the moment. She also rose to the game after her incredible talent she exhibited on the TV3 Talented kids show where she was adjudged winner of the competition. Due to her hard work the quality of talent she showcased, it came as no surprise to everyone who tuned in to watch Talented kidz show on TV3 when Nakeeyat was emerged as the winner. Nakeeyat Dramani is a child prodigy who has vowed many crowds, both during her time on Talented kidz and after. She speaks Hausa, English, and Fante and recites poems in all these languages. She has even had the chance to perform a recital before the president of Ghana and the High Commissioner to the UK.

Due to her extraordinary talent and outstanding performances, she has won the heart of many Ghanaians. She was appointed the ambassador for Sanitation and Water Resources by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources. In turn, she recited a poem for the Minister as a way of saying thanks. She was chosen for this role because the messages in her recitals touched on environmental issues which most Ghanaians overlook.

Who among these Celebrity Kids is the most Talented??

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