Husband Keeps Disappearing into the Garage All Day, Wife Secretly Follows Him to Find Out Why

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A married man continues to spend hours in the garage of the house he shares with his disabled wife. One day she secretly followed him to find out the reason.

When they first met, David and Betty were about 40 years old. They both have an older child, but that doesn't stop them from falling in love with each other.

In fact, their love at first sight. Their first meeting occurred while hiking in the forest. They walked side by side for long periods of time, leaving the tourists so unprepared that when they stopped to catch their breath, they were alone in the woods.

Betty was glad David could hug her and she was amazed at her stamina. The two became friends that day and began inviting each other on tourist expeditions.

It became his favorite hobby and together they made many wonderful memories. They also grew closer and closer until they started dating. Relationships get so serious; they start thinking about marriage. But everything changed one fateful night.

The two lovebirds were returning from a hike in their car when they passed a nail through the front tire of the vehicle. David then loses control of the car and they end up in an accident.

David escapes with only minor injuries, but Betty has a spinal fracture that prevents her from using her legs. He is confined to life in a wheelchair.

Betty is very difficult because she is a very active person. Her dysfunctional legs mean she will never be able to do most of the things she enjoys again, especially hiking with her husband, who still works on both feet.

In the first few months after the incident, David tried to avoid tourism; even if his comrades interfere with the invitation, he declines it. He did this until Betty asked him not to.

He lets her know that her problems shouldn't stop her from enjoying what she loves, and although she initially refuses to listen, she eventually starts walking again.

But despite the fact that she gave her blessing, Betty couldn't help but feel betrayed. She slowly becomes depressed and ends up trying to prevent David from marrying her.

"I'm disabled!" he called one day when David asked why he was trying so hard to deal with him.

"And I don't care," he said. "I have eyes to see and I still want to marry you."

"But I can no longer be the woman he loves," she sobbed.

"The woman I fell in love with is still there, and the fact that I can't walk doesn't change that."

The following week David made an offer to Betty, and Betty reluctantly agreed. They get married in a church and move into their new home, a mansion leading into the woods that Betty wants to walk through.

Every day he was getting more and more depressed and thinking about things he couldn't do anymore. Every time his wheelchair hit the grass, tears waited to be shed as he tried to explore even a small part of the forest behind his house.

David saw her cry one day after such an incident and decided to do something about it. Betty soon realized that she would be walking around the garage all day.

He became suspicious when he tried to get into the garage to see what he was doing. He had hidden the key to make sure he couldn't find his way into the room.

It only made him more curious, and one day he watched her go to the bathroom. He left the garage door on his way out, but Betty was able to escape before it closed thanks to her wheelchair.

The garage looked unrecognizable, with spare parts for the car and the smell of oil everywhere. But one glance reveals what David spends all his time on - it's a new wheelchair.

David came to her before she knew more about the unusual wheelchair.

“What are you doing here honey? That should be a surprise,” he said.

"Tell me about it, David," he said. And he did.

"I call it a wheelchair tank and I made it to help you walk. I saw how much you wanted it so I decided to do it for you. It can ride on any surface, also in the woods, and it's very safe..."

Betty's eyes filled with tears as she realized how much her husband loved her. "Thank you, David," was all he could say.

The next day David put the finishing touches on the wheelchair and Betty checked it out. It worked really well and he was able to enjoy climbing again after a long time.

In the months that followed, people like Betty began buying David's wheelchair, and it soon became a popular item among people with disabilities, making David a rich man. And all this arose from the desire to continue climbing with his wife.

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