Kabando Wa Kabando Reveals Heartwarming Response of AMREF CEO Githinji After Mwai Kibaki Asked This


The African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) CEO Doctor Githinji Gitahi has been the talk of town for the last couple of weeks after taking to his social media platforms to enlighten Kenyans concerning Covid-19.

According to the Former Mukurweini MP Kabando Wa Kabando, Gitahi has been passionate of his career, and has used any platform available to educate on different medical issues.

Kabando rekindled Gitahi's past memories alongside the Former President Mwai Kibaki who in 1992 questioned Gitahi of how help he would be to him.

Due to his determination to save lives and cultivate healthy living, Gitahi responded with a desire to conduct medical camp at Othaya, Kibaki's rurual home, free of charge.


"Shukrani @daktari1 for so publicly spirited conversations. I vividly recall that day Bruce House 1992 when as medical student @uonbi Chairman Mwai Kibaki asked you ‘how can I help you?’, your reply: ‘I want to do a free medical camp Othaya’. Very proud of you comrade. So helpful!.."

Through his Twitter account, Gitahi listed several issues concerning the Covid-19 vaccine and urged Kenyans to take the jab.

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