"Tingiza Mti" Phrase During Wajackoyas Manifesto Launch Excites Netizens, Sparks Reactions

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"Tingiza Mti" Phrase During Wajackoyas Manifesto Launch Excites Netizens, Sparks Reactions.

During the launch of George Wajackoyas Manifesto, who is the roots party presidential candidate, the word ,"Tingiza mti" was highly used and this really excited netizens and sparked lots of reactions.

Tingiza mti was said after every point from his two page manifesto.

Netizens referred to tingiza mti as "bhang" campaign slogan that he has been promoting.

Other netizens stated that the word was the newest in town and it could be used by Kenyans as a slang to express themselves.

Others recognized the fact that Wajackoyas manifesto launch was so funny.

Link's to source of information : https://www.facebook.com/100044153543475/posts/pfbid0bKSEPw6b25E9PqDWZag3bmJK1QxUdT3KoCL9MMqvwA1wNMusQB8P8k7YTxy4og71l/?app=fbl


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