"Play The Game Right" - 3 Spicy Tips To Level Up Your Flirting Game With Women

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Playing the flirting game with high profile or classy women can be a little confusing if you are a beginner. It would take time to realise how some women you approach begin to respond to treatment. Flirting with a woman can be playful with no intended outcome. I've been in the game of flirting women for some time and I've realised that, before you can successfully pickup a woman, you should be very good at flirting. There are so many guys in town who are multidimensional. They can't really tell if they are playing the game of flirting with a woman or sitting on the sidelines.

Don't be perturbed if you find it difficult to make your way out with women. I'm going to show you some spicy tips to help level up your flirting game and become the giant you've always been waiting for. Learning to unlock the doors to flirtation can be tricky provided you are new to it. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the quickest and easiest way to level up your flirting game and become the man you've always desired.

Build Your Confidence

The confidence of a man matters a lot in the game of love. Your confidence and how you talk would definitely tell whether you made a good pass or not. Women are capable of sensing your confidence if it's real or not. Alpha males are leaders who have authentic confidence and never shy away from their goals. If it's your desire to have a particular woman, go after it and don't wait to be pushed before you do that.

Rise Up From Your Comfort Zone

This spicy tip has really helped me to become the Casanova I've always dreamt of. Many guys with the burning desire of having a pretty lady but refuse to make a move. As an Alpha male, approach the woman you are crushing on and establish some kind of friendliness before making a move. In this part of the world, until you approach a woman and make your intentions known to her, you would continue to remain stagnant.

Make Constant Eye Contact

I am dating my crush today due to my constant eye contact towards her. That tip really worked and it has favored a lot of guys. Don't take off your eye instantly when you notice you have your crush stirring at you. Make it a point to sit feign been busy and that would attract her beyond all reasonable doubt.

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