CAUTION; Motorist Warned To Never Stop When They See This By The Roadside

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People's lives that are no longer safe are illustrated by the fact that the crime of motor vehicle theft is increasing and is becoming more and more common from day to day. There is hardly a day without a reported hostage car, and the fact that many people have lost their lives along the route makes the situation even more heartbreaking. Traveling is no longer recommended given the increasing number of car robberies in recent years. Some people steal cars with the intention of reselling them to other countries, while others take valuables from stolen cars to make money. At this stage, it is very important to always be vigilant, including when traveling

People already know this tactic and are always ready to react; In the past, hijackers would go straight to your car, point a gun at you, and take your car. However, people already know this tactic and are always ready to respond. But even those involved in the abductions have realized that the tactics they used are no longer working, and as a result, they are not.

develop new techniques that will surprise you.

There is a new tactic used to hijack people's accounts and many people are falling in love with it. A new tactic used by carjackers is to place a mannequin in the position of a dead man on the road in hopes that passing drivers will stop and offer assistance. As soon as you stop, they will immediately approach you and steal your car. This new method of kidnapping has resulted in many victims becoming victims. People are reminded that if they see something like this they should not stop but should call the police immediately. Look at the mannequins in the following photos:

This is a very important warning to heed. Please let others know about this kidnapping strategy by sharing it with them so they are prepared. It is not only the duty of the traffic police to protect drivers, but it is our responsibility to do so. Only by sharing this information can you save the lives of other people or their vehicles. What steps do you think should be taken to limit the number of car thefts in South Africa? Leave your thoughts below.

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