5 Ways Through Which People React To Their First Heartbreaks

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Heartbreaks are difficult points in a persons relationship life,it comes at different times and people respond to it in different ways.

While there are individuals who are able to handle heartbreaks,a number of people find it difficult and at this point in life they do think that there is no life beyond loosing your lover due to break ups.

Today in my article,I would wish to discuss various ways through which different categories react after being dumped by boyfriend or girlfriend.Here is the list.

Crying and losing weight.

A good number of people, while cry it out,loss weight and even change complexion.This is because die to the pain of being dumped they will loss appetite and stop eating,which will inturn make them to loss.


For the weak hearted,it can result into depression more so if you invested much in your relationship,a number of people have experienced depression after being left by the loved ones,where they exclude themselves totally from friends and relatives.

It is therefore important,to seek help from professionals and friends to help you go through heartbreak without falling into depression .

Moving on.

This is only for individuals who are strong or those who are on a mission to revenge.There are this category of people who will immediately collect themselves and soldier on with life immediately.

Another category of people who fall in this category,area those who are out to revenge and prove to their outgoing lover that they can do without them,they will quickly move in with another lover.

Dear readers, thanks for reading this article please share with us your experience on being dumped and how you reacted to it.

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