Do You Want To Compliment Your Hard work ? Do It With A banana Juice.


Do you need a special diet to compliment your hard work ? One of the juice I know that is creamy and cool is banana juice ,if you combine ripe banana ,apple cucumber , honey and milk its yummy.

The milk helps to reduce the thickness and honey helps the taste . You should know that drinking fresh fruit juice is a healthy way to get most vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to glow , this recipe contain over 100 calories.

How To Make ;

Wash all the fruit needed like 2 bananas , 1 apple and 1 cucumber .

Peel and slice your bananas to pieces . Press a little and put in a blender .

Slice cucumber band apple in pieces and remove the seeds in apple.

Blend the above well and a cup of liquid milk or water ( milk is best) with two spoon of honey.

Boom! The juice is ready to serve.

It's better to enjoy morning and afternoon.

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