Checkout photos of Flavour and his adopted son Semah G. Weifur


It is already known to us that flavour is a popular Nigerian music star and instrumentalists who is loved by many. The popular Nigerian music star is known for his love songs which are always used during wedding ceremonies. Flavour Nabania is known as a very creative, inspiring and talented music star who is very passionate about his music career. The music star is a father in of three and he is known to be a very loving and caring father to his children. The music star has two babymama's, and they both had a child for him.

The music star adopted Semah G. Weifur who is a popular Nigerian and Liberian singer. The little boy is known to be blind from birth but still wants to reach his dreams notwithstanding the fact that he is blind. A lot of people asked the music star why he adopted him and he replied by saying that he just loved the boys courage to do what he wants to do although being visually impaired. The music star is indeed a very generous and kindhearted person, as he trys to help the boy to reach his dreams. Semah is a very talented and creative musician who is very passionate about what he wants. All thanks to God for using flavour to help the little boy to reach his dreams, as the little boy has been really making it big ever since the music star took him in.

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