New Covid-19 Symptoms Revealed by MOH

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Life has been threatening since covid 19 outbreak. Many people lost their opportunities as also it brought fear among most citizens which led to the lockdown in and outside other countries.

Up to now the virus is in the global but dismal numbers as the vaccination activities are still ongoing in the country to ensure that the disease is eradicated and people are advised to keep covid 19 regulations of keeping contact distance, wearing a face mask, and always regular sanitizing.

According to the source Healthline, new emerging details have been reported concerning the major symptoms of covid 19 that most people don't know or can complicate with other diseases.

The new research has shown that covid 19 can cause gastrointestinal problems which are related to diarrhea, food poisoning, and sulfur Burps.

Everyone has been warned about those mild symptoms that may arise due to covid 19 infection. So it is good to get tested once those symptoms are observed.

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