The last episode on Ufelani has left many people in tears, her is why everyone is hurt

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Heidi fell for Mzwakhe's good looks and charming voice, but she quickly realized she was in love with a psychopath.

"Tjo, where has this lady gone? I have to see her. This lady is in need of affection. She has been through a great deal. Mzwakhe is a dangerous combination of a lion, a cobra, a black mamba, and a rattle snake. The most agonizing episode. I sincerely hope Heide received psychological assistance to help her cope with what she has been through. This episode infuriated me. People are going through a lot right now.

What a way to kick off a season! I've never cried so much in my life. That was heinous. The guy doesn't deserve to love you, Hai Maan... What do you think, Modimo oreng? This type of reality show is enjoyable. Moja love must be involved in the Umphakathi show. It depresses the mood. Can it at least entertain us while we're at work?

I'm perplexed as to why she was arrested.

She didn't say or do anything. I believe she did not report it, but she stated that the man had locked her up, making it impossible for her to go and report the incident.

I've got to give it to the actor who played Mzwakhe. Congratulations, you did an excellent job in that role. 10/10 This is by far the most terrifying and traumatizing episode I've ever seen. Yooh! a baby is set on fire Connie Thembii Xaba's formal name is Connie Thembii Xaba. I'm hurt and enraged. I wish Mzwakhe hadn't died so he could suffer for the rest of his life and die in agony "according to a Facebook follower


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