(Video) News Just In: Huge Fire At Golden Lion Batteries Company


There is huge fire at the Golden Lion's Battery Company that has just started this evening.

According to a video shared by the KTN News the fire is so huge but no one is there trying to contain the fire.

The fire in the company has started this evening but the cause of the fire is still unknown but Kenya Firefighters are rushing on that place so that they can be able to contain the fire.

The people who are in that house are still unknown and as the police start the investigation to the cause of fire I will be updating you my reader and also inform you the cause of the fire.

Below is what KTN News tweeted on their official verified twitter account.

"BREAKING NEWS: Huge fire breaks out at Golden Lion batteries company along Mombasa road in Nairobi." KTN News tweeted.

We pray for the people who are in that building to be able to survive and the fire be contained so that the company will not incur so many losses.

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