Why Eating Kola Nut May Be Harmful to People Who Have Hypertension

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In literally all African setting, one nut that is often consumed is Kola nut. People especially elders can't go for an occasion and come back happy without atleast eating some Kola nuts because it has some cultural significance in this part of the world. But then, does it mean everyone should eat Kola nut anyhow it pleases them? The answer is no!

In this article in line with a publication on Medical News Today, we are going to be finding out why people who have higher blood pressure should stay away from Kola nut. Notwithstanding the health benefits or medicinal effects of Eating Kola nut, eating it as a hypertensive patient is highly unwise and unadvisable.

Why Eating Kola Nut May Be Harmful to People Suffering From Hypertension

The reason is simple, Kola nut contains caffeine and many other stimulants that have been proven to serve as stimulants that changes the way the body functions. When you consume Kola nut, it can stimulate the body thus leading to higher than normal blood pressure.

People who are at risk of high blood pressure or Hypertension are usually advised not to eat Kola nut to avoid hurting themselves especially while batting to regulate blood pressure readings.

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