Bahati's baby mama Yvette finally shows off the man warming her bed for the first time

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YVette has decided it's not a secret anymore .They once had a thing with Bahati , a life that didn't please Yvette because she hated life in the limelight.

According to Yvette, she wasn't happy with her life being on the public so she decided to step back and live her life privately. Together they have one beautiful daughter, Mueni. After parting ways Bahati settled with Diana but her baby mama has never confirmed her better half to the public.

She however confirmed that she's taken some times back but whoever took her has remained a mystery. In an interview with radio jambo however she set the record straight and showed us the mysterious man who has been warming her bed since then.

He had accompanied her for the interview and we were lucky to get to see him. When asked to at least say on air, he turned down the request and Obura confirmed that he's a shy guy.

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