Muthee Kiengei Reveals a Little Known Fact About Keziah Wa Kariuki's Fiance


In a recent social media post, Kiengei kicked off by stating that it has been a good day. He also got to thank God for the gift of life. He went on to welcome all criticism and cyberbullying towards him regarding his previous relationship with Keziah Wa Kariuki.

He also posted a question to his followers on why he is the only victim considering he divorced Keziah 5 years ago and moved on happily and also revealing that Keziah Wa Kariuki's fiance divorced 2 years ago and moving on.

Winding up, he welcomed all comments stating that he is okay. The post has attracted and continues to attract many with everyone giving their opinions regarding the same.

Being a renowned personality is indeed not an easy task which is why most prefer to keep their lives private. It is important to also note that renowned personalities are individuals with feelings which is why we ought to be careful with what we post on social media.