Tears as Nursing Mother is Kidnapped in Jos, Leaving Behind a Crying Baby


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It may appear that the security infrastructure in Nigeria is broken and needs urgent revamp. There is no better proof of that than the report of incessant kidnapping taking place across the country. As a matter of fact, kidnapping has become endemic and a multi-billion-naira industry in Nigeria.

While the nation was still in pensive and prayer mood for the release of the Greenfield University student abducted recent, another, the criminals have struck against, this time in Jos North local government area of Plateau State, where they abducted a pretty looking nursing mother, Pauline Daniel.

Paulina was taken away at about 8.45pm on May 4. According to a member of the family, Gyang Ibrahim, the kidnappers broke into her apartment and held everyone at gun point. They threatened to shoot anyone that made a move to stop them.

They forced the nursing mother into a vehicle they parked outside the house. As they led her away, her baby could be heard crying profusely, but there was nothing Paulina could do to stop her wailing child. The family also felt helpless as the kidnapping played out.

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Along with her, the kidnappers also abducted community health officer, Bitrus Musa Agwon, owner of a health facility called G-Medicals. According to eye witness account, the kidnap took place on May 4, at about 7pm- just before they stormed Paulina’s residence- and took away Agwon. The victim was said to be in his house when the bandits forced their way in and held everyone at gun point. They maltreated every member of his family before they finally whisked him away at gun point. They threatened to shoot anyone that stood in their away.

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"Kidnapping is becoming a daily occurrence in this part of the state capital. We had complained severely to the government and security agencies without any positive response. Up to the time I am talking to you, the kidnappers have not contacted the family to know the whereabouts of the man.” a source who witness the abduction lamented.

Unfortunately, up until this report was filed, the kidnappers have not called to make known their demands and the victims have not been seen. The tearful family members of the kidnap victims are now desperately watching their phone, hoping to receive a call from the abductors.

Source: lindaikejisblog.com

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