Papa Quansah: The Notorious Serial Killer Sentenced To Death For Killing 9 Women


Growing up in my small village at Dunkwa Offin in the Central Region of Ghana, there were strange stories I used to hear from my parents about the constant deaths of some women in Ghana. As young as I was at the time, I was curious in knowing how those deaths occurred. I was glued to the television and became interested in the news just to know more about the deaths of the women.

To my surprise, the news anchors will not sign off their news without mentioning the death of another woman. Most Ghanaians termed it as the serial killings of women. Several women died as a result and the government at the time, was being accused of refusing to do anything about the deaths of the women. The issue became political at a point.

The person behind the deaths was unknown but almost every day, another woman gets affected. The Police had a name on their wanted list but his whereabout was unknown. In no time, a young man, known as Charles Papa Ebo Quansah was arrested and linked to the deaths of all the women totaling about thirty-four but was convicted to the deaths of only nine.

I was curious in knowing what caused his arrest in the year 2000 but I was told by my parents that he killed his girlfriend whose name was given as Joyce Boateng, soon after that the deaths of other women were attributed to him. Some of his offenses dated back to 1986 and he even had records of being an ex-convict and was nicknamed the Accra Strangler. Papa Quansah confessed to the crimes of killing nine women and was sentenced to death by hanging in 2002.

Even though he later denied committing the crime whilst in prison, Papa Quansah has gone down in history as the notorious serial killer ever to have been convicted in Ghana. His records are unmatched. We forgot about him and life has been good in Ghana with no news of serial killings that can be compared to what Papa Quansah did. I have now grown into a man and another serial killer has been arrested.

It seems Richard Appiah, the famous Abesim killer is becoming the next Papa Quansah. What is striking about the Abesim Killer is that nobody knows how many persons he has killed. We don’t know how many persons he has slaughtered in his refrigerator and he will be the best person to tell. Maybe he might have killed more than nine people to beat papa Quansah and would be the next serial killer to go down in the history of Ghana. We can only wait to hear his account in court.

After hearing of his story, I placed a call to my mother who is now old, and inform her that another serial killer has been arrested. She kept quiet on the phone for a while and said “My son, do you still remember the famous serial killer who killed many women in Ghana? You were young at the time but were curious in always asking me and your father about why he was killing women". She says now that I’m a grown man, I should find out why Richard Appiah did what he did.


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