Bad News To Karua After Kenya Kwanza Instructs Aisha To Do The Following Ahead Of The Polls

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Azimio la umoja chose Martha Karua, a NARC Kenya party founder, to be his running mate. Concerns for the Kenya Kwanza coalition have been raised by the nomination of Raila Odinga's running mate from a Kenya alliance party. The suddenness with which the Ruto group has been able to halt Martha Karua's excursions into the vote-rich Mt Kenya locality has compelled the UDA party's senior brass to act quickly.

For the purpose of addressing Martha Karua and Azimio orientation card legislative difficulties, the party has requested the assistance of Kilifi region lead representative Hon Aisha Jumwa, according to the Country.

Mt. Kenya's most prominent female explorers, both women from Mt. Kenya and those who are not, have been put together to train the next generation.

Country reports that Mt Kenya female pioneers are being trained on how to best solve Martha Karua's and Azimio orientation card legislative concerns by Kilifi region leader Hon Aisha Jumwa, who has been enlisted by the party.

"A group lead by Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa will prepare them on how to best explain their aims," a top hawker country pioneer disclosed.

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