Beware of the following for your own safety purposes. Protect yourself from theft and fraudsters.

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There has been a popular trend along the Nairobi streets and even the main town center. This has not been only noticed in Nairobi but other parts in Kiambu and major towns. A lot of people have been complaining of getting robbed but not actually seeing the people who robbed them or simply those that have helped people who snatched their personals and disappeared in thin air. You never know when they are coming but there's nothing out of the ordinary you can suspect it's going to happen to you actually. The following have been the ways that thieves and thugs have crafted to steal from people, watch out for anything suspicious.

Drugging you.

There are two major ways that these people use in order for them to make you cooperative and dormant for sometime so that they can steal from you. One way is that the thieves walk in two's so that one is in front and the other is behind you and they pretend not to be together at all. The one in front drops some small bag ensuring that you saw it and the one at the back picks it in a tricky way to ensure that you are seeing it. He or she then tells you that there might be good cash in the bag and it is possible to divide equally between them. When you peep inside, there's some kind of effect of the drug because it diffuses to your nose making you vulnerable and somehow rendered useless for sometimes. The second is that somebody talks to you out of nowhere and the drugs weaken you thus making it easy to steal from you.

Pretending to enquire some information or directions.

These ones ask you something that doesn't exist and try as much as possible to see your reaction. A second party comes and says he or she knows the information or place thus they want to convince you to follow them so that you might know the place. When you give in then definitely you have fallen into their trap and you end up with nothing in possession.

Asking for money because of being stranded.

You might find a person crying for help not because they need it badly but because they want to con you. It can be very unusual to find somebody who really begs for help to get something out of your pockets.

Tricking you into doubling your cash.

These con artists will want to make you believe that you can double your money by placing some kind of bet. At first sight, the money is bound to double but as you get excited and place another amount then your money simply disappears. You place over and over again but you end up losing all your money.

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