Jackie Has Earned Her Trassacco Mansion, see why.

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Currently, it looks like Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has become the talk of town since video excepts of her magnificent mansion found it way unto the internet.Many people were wowed by the luxury and her impeccable taste in arts and interior and exterior decor. There has been a lot of talks as soo typical of people especially Ghanaians as to how and when she was able to acquire all these wealth to afford her such beauty, her Trassacco mansion.

First and foremost, it is no news as to how this canadian born affluent ghanaian actress started her way to the top through the movie industry, She is known to have stared in many movies both here in Ghana and Nigeria. She spares no effort in putting out her best in any character given her, that introduced her to the world.

Then again, after gaining stardom and fame, she is one who can be said to have invested that very wisely. She is very private when it comes to personal matters however she indulges in brand influencing and ambassadorial deals not only in Ghana here but with foreign associations which earns her good money. It is said that most of her travels are business/ pleasure trips which her other source of good income. Seeing the world most often as she does it's no wonder she will have such a place for a home. A feel of every place she goes it is!

Lastly to what we all want to know, she minds her businesses. She barely spares time to chitchat on social issues or ranting about what she has and who she is bigger than, She is a focused business woman who sets her own goals and the pace in achieving them and that is why her results has marveled a lot of people even her colleagues.

Most celebrities should learn a thing or two from her it will probably save us the many publicity stunts and clout chasing.

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