Dennis Itumbi React To Peter Munya's Rally In Meru County Today.

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Dennis Itumbi who is among famous people on social media in Kenya and one of deputy president William Ruto allies today tweeted on his twitter page that Nkubu, Meru County. Munya went to the Market with the Deep State Biased Media and ODM message. Hustler Nation told him it is a Mama Mboga Moment with our God. #HustlerNation.

John tweeted, "Eh kweli the Martha effect shifted the MountainšŸ¤£you cant undo a four year endeavour with less than three months."

Kenneth tweeted, "God have mercy on them , they know not what they are doing. They will choose barnabas but thank God they are the same people who will confess Christ is surely the son of God."

Finest tweeted, "Oya Wangeci, had Raila Odinga been the known thief, he would have blamed this on Baba. But since the shoe is on the other leg, it is OK!"

Karugu tweeted, "So tuseme ju wamemkataa mtashinda? Mnabeba watu wa soko wana aki but si bora uhai? Zoea the President is Azimio brotherman."

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