Check Out These 7 Things That Guava Does To The Body.


1. Help in lowering blood sugar levels

Gauva fruits which are oval in shape with green or yellow skin and contain edible seeds and extracts which helps in improving blood sugar control in individuals with diabetes.

2. Heart boost

Gauva fruits and the leaf extracts has a very positive effect on the hearts health thereby lowering blood pressure and reduction of bad cholesterol found in the body and also increasing good cholesterols.

3. Mentraul pains relief

Recent study has shown that daily intake of guava leaves causes reduction in the symptoms of painfull mentruation including menstrual cramps.

4. It benefits the digestive system

Daily and regular Consumption of guava and its leaves extracts helps in the prevention and also in the reduction of diarrhea and constipation.

5. Aids weight loss

Guavas which are full of fiber and are low in calories like the cucumber helps you feel full thereby aiding weight loss. They also contain various antioxidants, vitamin C and other compounds.

6. They are good for the skin

The antioxidants found in guava are veey important and essential in helping to protect the human skin from any form of damages thereby preventing wrinkles.

7. Immunity boost

These fruits also contains and are very rich in Vitamin C which are important for protection against all forms of ailments and infections.

Gauva fruits are also incredibly delicious and are packed with numerous healthy nutrients. It is low in calories and loaded with fibers.