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Symply Tacha has inked her first endorsement deal with GetFitNg, a fitness business that promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle through its high-quality, comfy items. Though it began as a way to help young women and nursing moms regain their confidence via their physical attractiveness, it has since expanded to offer people of all genders and ages thoroughly reviewed and tested fitness wearables that are second to none (@getfitng).

Tacha's list of endorsements was recently extended by one when a luxury hair brand, Royal Hairs, named her as one of their brand ambassadors. Their Instagram feed was used to announce the news. Tacha was named the brand's face because she exudes the same confidence as the company, as seen in the photos below.

Tacha currently has two endorsement deals under her belt, with more on the way.

Tacha has done well in her profession so far by taking advantage of every chance that comes her, check out her hottest pictures down below. Thank you for reading and remember to like, like, comment, and subscribe to this channel for more updates.

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