Rich Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Own Most Expensive Cars

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Gone are the days when we used to think that men are the only people to own expensive things and luxurious things such as cars and big mansions.

In today's society anyone can explore luxury and enjoy the fruits of their hardwork irrespective of the gender. In this article we are going to see female celebrities who own expensive cars in kenya.

1. Huddah Manroe

She is a famous socialite in kenya. She loves fancy things and having a lavish lifestyle. The Socialite owns several cars, including range rover worth 15M.

2. Vera Sindika

The kenyan Celebrity owns a number of classy cars in her collection. She also owns a range rover which worths around 15M kenya shillings.

3. Reverend Lucy Natasha

She is the founder of oracle ministries in kenya. She has many expensive cars in a collection. Including marcedes benz, Fortuner, ranger rover and Toyota V8.

4. Betty Kyalo

she has owned some of the most expensive cars around, one of the most expensive is her Porsche Cayenne. She is among kenyan female celebrities owning some expensive machines.

Above are some female celebrities who drives some expensive cars. Thank you for reaching this article kindly share and follow on this channel for more exclusive articles.

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